Technopark & I-connect is education agent partner dedicated in Australian colleges and universities. Enrolment with us has below advantages:techo-park

  • Massive discount when you enroll with us than enrollment directly to institutions
  • Free consultancy service to guide you to the right institutions that suit your academic goals
  • Burmese career coach who live in Australia for over 20 years and education provider working in college will give you career coaching, tips on job opportunities, local customs and culture in Australia
  • Complimentary service on
    • admission application process to education institution
    • visa application process to Australia
    • money transfer to education institutions
    • booking for accommodation and airport pickup in Australia if you want us to

Our education service centre can advise you about your options for studying and living in Australia and assist you with visa and institution applications. In many cases, we have experience studying in Australia and can share our experiences with you. In addition, because we are dealing with admission application and visa application requirements every day, we will be able to give you guidance for your particular situation.

Here are some tips for choosing our Technopark & I-connect Education Service Center:
  • Under Australian Government law, every education agent is required to sign contract with Australian education institution- ask to show this contract
  • Australian education institutions usually have more than one education agent appointed in a country so speak to more than one agent - collect and compare information.
  • Choose the education agent with experience helping students study in Australia - we have a good knowledge of the Australian education system, visas and life in Australia; Above all, we are the only centre which have local Burmese career coach in Australia; you can call him for any question you may have after you arrive at Australia.
  • Ask any fee that may be levied for using our services.
  • Have a third party or friend help you understand the documents before you sign any document.
  • Remember our education service centre can’t guarantee permanent visa or work placement in Australia after you graduate. Our job is to help with applications and find the right institutions so if someone promises too good to be true, keep finding the honest one. A reputable agent will be honest about the application process.
  • If you need migration advice, use a migration agent who is registered in Australia. Some Registered Migration Agents are located overseas or have representatives in international markets. If an education agent is based in Australia, it is against the law for them to provide you with migration advice, unless they are also a Registered Migration Agent.

It can be challenging to start a new course in a country that has a different academic environment, language and culture. But there's no need to worry - plenty of help and support is available to help you adjust to your studies in Australia. Remember that you are not alone - there are many international and local students in the same position.

What types of support services are available for international students? All institutions offering education to international students are required by law to provide support services to help them study and adapt to their new home. Many institutions have an international student support unit that can answer your questions and direct you to the services you need. For detailed and specific information about the support services that Australian education providers offer, refer to the institution profiles on this website. See the Institution Search to learn more about Australian institutions.

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